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Provide air transport services to/from any destination, either small forwarding, or plants and macchinery, also organizing charters flying. With regard to, consult services section.

A photo gallery is now added and will be updated with the images from my last journey in Australia: a full immersion of flights with amazing airplanes! A wonderful experience!

Andrea Sicuro

Nato il 21/10/1983

Born 21/10/1983

Diplomato perito tecnico del trasporto aereo presso l' I.T.AER. "G.Natta" di Padova con voto 100/100simi

Maximum evaluation (100%) obtained in passing the final exams of the Aeronautical High School "G.Natta" in Padova.

Classe di licenza di volo posseduta:

  • Licenza di Pilota Commerciale (aeroplane) (25/10/2004)
  • Student pilot licence (14/10/2004)
  • Flight radiotelephone operator licence (17/7/2003)
  • Brevetto di pilota privato di velivolo conseguito il 6/11/2002

Classes of flight crew licence held:

  • Commercial pilot (aeroplane) licence (25/10/2004)
  • Student pilot licence (14/10/2004)
  • Flight radiotelephone operator licence (17/7/2003)
  • Private pilot (aeroplane) licence (6/11/2002)


  • Velivoli con elica a giri costanti (passo variabile)
  • Velivoli con carrello retrattile.
  • PA44 (Plurimotore)
  • Velivoli monorotori con peso massimo al decollo fino a 5700 kg eccetto quelli per i quali è richiesta specifica abilitazione per classe/tipo

Aircraft endorsements:

  • Constant speed propeller
  • Retractable undercarriage
  • PA44 (Multi engine)
  • Single engine aeroplanes < 5700 kg MTOW except requiring specific type or class endorsment

Base di attività:

Aeroporto Civile di Padova

Attività di volo svolta presso aeroporto di Moorabin (Melbourne - Australia)

Activity base:

Padova Civil airport (LIPU)

Flight experience done at Moorabbin Airport (Melbourne - Australia)

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